4 Effective Treatments for Shin Splints

Maintaining a fit and healthy body is what we all want to achieve especially for athletes. So you went for a run for a few kilometers. You were pleased with how far you have run and then all of a sudden, you feel an increasing pain from your knee cap down to your ankle.

This pain is commonly known as “shin splints” and is considered one of the main causes of major injuries for athletes. It usually happens when you overwork your muscles while running or when you suddenly run without taking any warm-up exercises. Is there a cure for shin splints? Fortunately yes and it only takes time for your shin bone to recover.

Before we talk about the cure, just a reminder that once the pain strikes, don’t just ignore it. Rest, get a pack of ice and elevate the part of your legs that hurt. Observe in 48-72 hours, this will get your hopes up in curing your shin splints. Below are just some of the effective cures for this very painful problem:

Muscle Therapy

It is necessary for athletes to undergo these treatments to reduce the pain and enhance their muscle performance.  Whirlpool treatment reduces the pain and swelling, controls inflammation and enhances your strength and mobility. This therapy is where your painful area is submerged in warm water for a couple of minutes, then soak it in cold water for a minute and then back to warm water again. It goes on for less or more than half an hour.

EMS or Electrical muscle stimulation is one of the best therapeutic methods for your strained muscles and it also serves as training in toning and strengthening the muscles. Another is ultrasound physical therapy. Ultrasound is used to lose those tight muscles that will eventually increase blood circulation and decrease pain.

Cold Compress

This is the perfect remedy for non-athletes who are experiencing shin splints because it decreases the inflammation. You can also ask the help of a physiotherapist to properly treat the painful area. Once the pain has subsided, a little stretching and exercise will bring you back on track. Be sure not to stress out the muscles after it heals, or pain will haunt you again.

Bed Rest

If your shin splints problem is in a serious stage, then you have to avoid any strenuous work that will put pressure on your legs. It takes about three months of therapy, depending on how fast your shin bone will recover. Bed rest is your best option to let those running muscles heal.

Herbal Ointments or Herbs

Most doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs which are effective but have side effects that could further damage your health. Now, natural ointments or herbs are prescribed and they are found to decrease the inflammation and improve your health at the same time.

Athletes or non-athlete should always be aware of shin splints or it will cause them their career or worst, their legs. Proper check-up of your muscles is a great way to avoid further injuries to any part of your body. You don’t have to strain yourself in order to achieve your goals. Keeping our body in condition and muscles in function should always be kept in mind.

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