How to Prevent Shin Splints

Prevention is better than cure

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure". Before you think of how to cure shin splints, you should first think of how to prevent it. Put in mind that the very cause of shin splints is biomechanical problems widely caused by excessive exercise and inappropriate footwear. Before you decide what kind of shoes to wear, be sure you get a complete foot-strike, or gait analysis. This test will let you know if you have problems with your foot-strike.

prevent shin splints

Shin splints were reported to be pretty common in women because of prolonged periods of time standing on high-heels. In order to prevent this, you have to use high-heels less often, or wear ones that are more comfortable and less high. Another cause of shin split is vitamin/mineral deficiency. You just have to be more patient in taking your supplements from now on. It's also attributed to excessive training and exercise with poor technique.

Unless biomechanical problem is corrected, all the anti-inflammatories, massages and rests you've incurred will keep on recurring. Over pronation and supination for example can be corrected with running shoes or insoles which fit your foot type.

It is a general rule when having shin splints not to increase your workout distances by more than 10%. If you run a distance of 8 miles a week, you can't increase it to 9 miles the following week because 1 mile exceeds 10% of 8 miles. This is to make sure you're not going to strain your muscles. Also, you have to avoid running on hard surfaces such as roads as much as you can. You can run on grass, sand or tarmac instead because these materials have natural shock absorption capacity that will otherwise be absorbed by the legs if you run on hard surfaces.

Shin splints are basically muscle overuse

Shin splints can also be caused by the inflexibility of muscles in the lower leg including the gastrocnemius and soleus, as well as the shin muscles. You can avoid or recover from these if you stretch out regularly or get sports massages. Shin splints are basically muscle overuse. The best way not to suffer from it is to gradually take activities, not run 5 miles this week, and double it the following week. That’s certainly not gradual.

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