How to Treat Shin Splints

Treatment of Shin Splints

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Having able to finally confirm that you have shin splints, you're now looking for ways on how to treat it. Basically, you're just going to let the pain and inflammation ease, and let the muscles recover back to its normal condition. However, in the past, shin splints are treated either with total rest or by straining it further despite the pain. The first option is preferable but not an option for the competitive lifestyle of athletes while the latter is a downright injurious labor. Today, doctors have developed the so-called relative rest approach. But what exactly is this process? However, once you get shin splints, the very first thing you have to do is to apply ice packs on it. Ice packs are effective on reducing pain and inflammation around the affected area.

The relative rest approach is basically just a combination of the two approaches mentioned above, a little exercise and a little rest. It involves soft and gradual processes. This is very much needed in the early stages of the injury when there is recurring pain. A part of the relative rest approach is doing stationery exercises such as cycling and swimming to prevent your muscles from getting dull, as well as stretching the lower leg muscles, particularly the tibialis posterior. Take medications that are anti-inflamatory and muscle pain killers such as ibuprofen and naproxen. In order to reduce the feeling of irritation and discomfort, you can wrap a bandage about 4-inch wide around the injured area. You can do minor stretching of the calf and anterior leg once or twice a day, as well as replace your running shoes based on your foot type, preferably those which have shock absorbing consoles. You may even use orthorics or shoe inserts if necessary.

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Just remember that when you're on the process of recovering from shin splints, you have to take everything easy. You'll gradually get back to your original condition if you don't overdo it because recovering from this injury is basically just making the pain go away. It’s also best to consult a doctor than to self-medicate. To get advice from professionals, you can visit a sports injury clinic.

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