Shin Splints Causes – Avoid These At All Costs

Shin Splints Causes

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It’s better to prevent an injury than to suffer quite an amount of time trying to recover from it. In order to prevent shin splints, you have to know what causes it. Among many other causes, these 5 that stands out: over/under pronation; abrupt increase of workout pace; running on a downward slope; inappropriate footwear; and frailty of the quad muscles.

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Pronation happens when landing of the foot is not properly executed. It either leans too much inward or outward thus stressing the knee. This can be corrected by a pair of orthotics and a fit pair of shoes. Another thing that pressures your muscles is if you hastily increase your pace. If you run for 10 miles a week and you increase it to 20 the following week which is double the original distance, then you’re guaranteed to hurt your muscles big time. To make sure a program’s going to work for you, have a professional design it for you, if not, follow the ones that’s guaranteed to have worked for someone your level as well.

Running on a downward slope, as opposed to what many people thought as easier, can greatly open you up to shin splints. It’s going to stress the lower tibia bone as more downward pressure is applied to the legs. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear and gradually make your way to running downward slopes. If doesn’t really require you, you might as well avoid running in such track. Inappropriate and worn out footwear can also cause shin splints. The muscles will be strained if the shoes no longer contain the ability to support the foot, or if the footwear does not actually fit your foot size. Ideally, you should track how many miles your shoes have gone through. If it reaches 500, it’s about time to change them.

Finally, frailty of the quad muscles can lead to shin splints if it’s not strong enough to back the lower shin and knee which results to throbbing pain in the knee cap under tedious motion. This can be prevented by regularly training the quad muscles.

The key point you have to remember in order to prevent shin splints is to never overdo your muscle beyond its limit. Gradually increase your pace to make sure you’re not going to unnecessarily damage your body.

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