Shin Splints Prevention and Treatment–Obvious Solutions

Shin Splints Prevention and Treatment

Obviously you know that this website is all about the treatment of Shin splints, how to prevent it and how to get rid of it quickly.

  • You all know how painful this injury can be.
  • You all know it's best to get over this as quickly as possible or prevent completely.
  • The problem is that many of us simply don't look for the most obvious and effective ways that we can help ourselves and fellow athletes.

There are some really simple ways for you to prevent any pain from starting in the first place and there are some really simple ways for you to treat the condition if you already suffer from it. This was highlighted recently as I was helping my wife train for a charity run in aid of a cancer research organisation.

Through my own experience and knowledge I have gained by creating this website my first advice and I have to say my most effective was – To Train on Grass!

You see so many times that your harsh impact of consistent pounding on hard concrete surfaces and pavements is what causes the aggravation, inflammation and injury in the first place. If you can run on soft surfaces for all or the majority of your training, then you are going to avoid the risk right from the beginning.

If you're lucky enough to live close to a beach that running on the sand is even better. This advice worked brilliantly for my wife. She went from being a complete novice runner to someone who could lick 10K in a couple of months without any injury or any sign of Shin splints.

What If You Do Get Injured?

If you do start to experience pain that I must stress the importance of going back to basics. When shipments begin you will have swelling of a thin piece of tissue that runs parallel and next to your shin bone. You have to take that swelling down as quickly as possible…..

And the most obvious answer is to use ice after your workout. Wrap the ice in a thin towel so it is not too cold and doesn't give you an ice burn. Leave it in contact with the painful area for a good 20 minutes after you have finished exercising.

This is really obvious and perhaps too obvious as so many runners, walkers and athletes ignore the benefit of using ice to reduce swelling.

There are many other effective methods for prevention and treatment so make sure you check out our homepage to discover exactly what they are, click here – Shin Splints Treatment

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