Shin Splits – Cause, Treatment and Prevention

The term “shin splints” refers to a sensation of pain in the lower leg. The problem with shin splints is that most of the individuals suffering from this are known to have compartment syndrome. This is a condition where the muscles in the “compartments” of the bones in our legs swells which then bumps and presses against the compartment wall – causing pain.

Pain depends on the person’s pain threshold and pain tolerance. What I am saying is, it depends if you can bear the pain or not. If you can run, then you can run.

Shin Splint Cure/ Treatment

Here are the most common treatments used for shin splint:

·         Ice – reduces pain and inflammation.

·         Medications– painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for inflammation or swelling and pain.

·         Shoes with arch support – reduce foot flatness.

·         R.O.M. exercises – as recommended by physician.

·         Physical Therapy – strengthens muscles.

Splint Shins Remedy

Ice and painkillers, more specifically anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, reduces swelling or inflammation and counters pain.

Running Shoes for Shin Pain

The problem with shin splints is basically pain, swelling and flat-footedness. When choosing a shoe, select that type that can support the arch of your foot. Also, it is best to choose that which is also comfortable to you and can make your feet “breathe” and not get suffocated.

Running with a Shin Splint

The main problem with moving around is that the muscles in the compartment of the foot are swollen and they rub against or bump in the wall of the compartment causing pain. Movement and activity increases the “rubbing” or “bumping” factor which causes more pain.

Running Shin Pain Causes

Pain and inflammation are the problems that can be associated with running with shin splints. It can also increase the swelling because of overtraining and overdoing an activity like running and will “stress out” the calf muscle.

Shin Splints in Sport

Sports that involve activities like prolonged running can be the cause of shin splints. It can also be the result of overtraining or a sudden increase in intensity or duration of activities that involves the feet and legs. Football can be one of the best examples.

Shin Injuries from Running

Doing too much too soon or a stressing out the leg muscles can be factors that contribute to shin injuries. As a result, runners or individuals experience the trauma and pain of shin splints.

Shin Splints Trainers

These are people who shin splints sufferers run to when they need to seek adviceto relieve the pain or find treatmentsfor shin splints when they attack. They are also people who are referred to as an “expert”.

So before we start any exercise routine, we should know the do’s and don’ts to prevent any injuries especially shin splints for runners. If you feel pain in your leg while running, stop and seek for help. Let the professionals do their work in treating the pain.

Be sure to take care of your body every time you get involvedin physical activities. It might help you in so many ways but stressing out your muscles and bones might be dangerous for your health.

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