Stretches for Shin Splints

Stretch Aid Recovery from Shin Splint

Recognizing that shin splints can become a major impediment to your running sessions, or worse, career if you’re an athlete, you have to prep yourself before you run. You can do this by stretching. In fact, these stretches are also good for shin splints as it will aid you to faster recovery. Be sure to condition yourself first before you bend your legs to directions so it won’t be strained more than it already is. There are many stretches you can do to aid your recovery from shin splint, however, I’m only stating the 3 easiest and most generic ones.

Shin Splints

First is calf stretch. The calf muscle is streamlined to the shin area so it’s important to get this one stretched. Find a stairs and place a quarter of your foot on the surface and leave the rest hanging by the heels. Push your body forward so the heels bend down further to the lower step thus stretching the muscles around your legs, particularly the ones behind your legs. Hold it for about 15-20 second, and then do it to other foot as well. Repeat it twice or more if desired. Next you can do the standing anterior tibialis shin splints stretch.

This might slightly affect your balance so be sure you have something to hold on to so you don’t trip or something. Once you’ve positioned yourself comfortably, bring the other leg behind, while the other remains rested on the ground nice and good. Gradually move your body forward until you feel a pulling pressure on your lower leg. Lean forward as much as your legs can endure. Switch legs after. Last but not the least, sitting shin splints stretch which you can do while sitting. Just place your feet on each side of the chair and bring them back, toes pointed on the floor, as far as you can.

So those are some of the easy stretches you can perform all by yourself before you run, or to aid your shin splints’ healing process. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor or an expert than to do self-help once you get injured. At least you have something to point your finger at when something goes wrong.

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