Top Tips For Splints Prevention

Suggested For Splints Prevention

As you well know shin splints is a very painful injury so finding a suitable treatment should be top of your agenda right now. This pain is commonly experienced by serious hikers and runners but it is commonly found in people who participate in any high impact sport.

Preventing more damage is absolutely essential too. So here are some top tips and advice that will help you stop getting this problem in the first place or preventing it getting worse.

When you are running or walking ensure you have the right footwear. You footwear must be flexible. Obviously a complete flimsy sole is no good but it should also be able to flex both length and width ways across the sole, whilst still providing some support. If you foot is rigid your ankles and shins and supporting muscles will be fighting this lack of movement with every step you take.

Splints Prevention

Next try to run and walk on softer surfaces. Obviously this cannot be done during your normal day-to-day routines. For example you can't change the surface you walk on whilst you are at work. However, you can change where you choose to run and exercise or hike. Many runners workout on the hard road surfaces and many hikers and follow rocky paths. Try to swap these for a few weeks and use bark chip routes, fields, grass or even soft muddy tracks.

Try not to over stride as this is a major cause of your splints. It is okay to let the leg trail far behind you but do not step out in front too much. This puts too much pressure on the front of the lower leg, so check your stride and adjust accordingly.

Obviously preventing splints in the first place is crucial as to its preventing them from getting any worse. Learn to control and alleviate the pain will help you live a more comfortable sporting an active lifestyle so don’t forget to include some exercises that can help with this problem.

Exercises that help strengthen the quadriceps leg muscles and calf leg muscles are a great place to start. Learn more about them here – shin splints treatment

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